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okay. so i've come to terms with some shit. i feel like i have to… 
18th-Aug-2009 10:52 pm
okay. so i've come to terms with some shit.

i feel like i have to sell some of my stuff. i don't even have that much, but i really need the cash..

so if anyone's interested, i'll sell about anything i have. if i get any interests i'll post pics of everything..but here's what i got that can go ;

blue & yellow vans (sz 9)
black and pink chucks with matching pink shoestrings (sz 9)

cky backpack (like new, i used it for half of a semester and it was my baby)
slipknot backpack (can be actual backpack or converted into a messenger bag)

set of barely used acrylic paints, brushes, pallete, and acrylic paper

grey korn 'billed' beanie (worn twice)

band shirts - including - HIM (grey, purple, and gold, it has lyrics in gold and a purple heartagram on the back, and a big purple heartagram on the front under HIM, size XL but made tiny) KORN (black & red-orange letters, tour shirt, size LARGE) pretty girls make graves (grey with PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES in white on the front, size M) MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE (black with white/red MYCHEMICALROMANCE getting shot out of gun with blood splatters, on the back it says "fire at will" in white, size M)

two hello kitty shirts ONE - white with a kawaii hello kitty that says something in japanese size L or XL, but it's made REALLY SMALL.
TWO - red/white 'jersey' type tee with hello kitty written in rainbow with hello kitty underneath, size XL, but made small also.

books ; original 'THE EXORCIST', great condition but it's very old
"invisible monsters" by chuck palahnuik
"new moon" by GUESSWHO, stephanie meyer
"prom nights from hell" stories by meg cabot, kim harrison, michele jaffe, stephenie meyer, and lauren myracle.

pink hello kitty throw, has hello kitties and flowers on it.
and i'm really iffy about this..my incredibly soft and adorable fuzzy pink hello kitty throw with one huge hello kitty in a mint green outfit wearing mint green sunglasses, but if someone will give me a good price, i'll sell it.

a few more, i'll list later.

if anyone wants to see anything let me know!!
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19th-Aug-2009 08:06 am (UTC)
i've recently figured out that LG shines suck for picture taking..but here is both blankets.

this is such a shitty picture, i'm really sorry:(
i can get a better picture when my room mates are awake and i can use their camera..
in reality it's baby pink with no orangeugly spots, no tears, burns, holes, anything. i just use it for looks on my bed mostly, but as you see it's currently a curtain:p

here's the one i'm not so ready to part with. this one would be a little more expensive just because it's bigger, it's fuzzy, and it has a lot of sentimental value to me (it was the last thing i remember my mom getting me for christmas before she left the state)

if you want them, you can have them for whatever you want, pretty much.
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20th-Aug-2009 02:33 am (UTC)
i FINALLY got a good enough picture, and silly me, i had the camera in here the whole time and didn't realize it. :p

the yellow kawaii hello kitty shirt;

and here's the back;

this shirt is either a large or an extra large, but it's made pretty small.

the jersey-style shirt;

this shirt is made a little bit bigger than the yellow one, it's more stretchy, but it's still small. i'd take a pic of the back, but it's just plain white with the red/pink sleeves..

i also have a sterling silver hello kitty chain bracelet with a diamond-y encrusted hello kitty face charm, the diamonds aren't real ofcourse, but it's still really cute and i never wear it..just let me know if you're interested in any of it:)
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23rd-Aug-2009 01:04 pm (UTC)
i haven't had any other offers :p
so that's fine, i can wait.
i'll take a pic of the bracelet when i get home.
& it's okay, i'm obsessed with hello kitty, my room at my mom's was COMPLETELY covered with hk everywhereeee.
i don't have a paypal account, so how would you send it? most of the time i get money orders when people buy stuff from me.
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